Controlled-environment agriculture  (CEA)

Farming has benefitted from advances in fertilizers, soil management, and seed optimization. But traditional farming includes the use of pesticides, requires a lot of water, and generates toxic runoff wastewater. It's also seasonal; in many areas short growing seasons limit both yield and what plants can be grown. Variations in environmental factors lead to uneven produce quality. With Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA), plants are grown indoors. No sunlight is used; instead highly-optimized generated light. No longer subject to pests, varying light conditions, soil quality or other limiting factors, plants instead are grown with every possible optimization. The result is the highest possible quality with maximum yield and zero pesticides

Because the plants are grown indoors, we have control over every aspect of horticulture. Temperature, air movement, soil quality, nutrient selection and application, precision watering, and the optimization of light done in a way no other lighting source, including the sun, can do. We use LED lighting exclusively. Not only do we control the wavelengths of light in order to optimize photosynthetis and transpiration, we also control the amount of photosynthetic energy provided to the plants. LED light engines enable this precision resulting in an extremely efficient light source compared to legacy lighting techologies including high-pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, and Flourescent. This efficiency is further enhanced by our proprietary system for light placement and usage.